Comic Con Season!

With Comic Con season approaching I thought it would be great to do a quick post with tips for your next convention adventure! Enjoy…

Do's & Dont's
  • Schedule – It is important to ensure that you have the schedule of events, photo ops, panels in order to organize your day and not miss anything. Check on the convention’s website for panels and photo op schedule and set up alarms so you can make lines on time and not miss out on anything.
    • For example, Las Vegas Comic Con is next month and Stan Lee will be there. Seems to be one his last time appearances so definitely something to check out!8225d3_34d97bfe1e7246ae93e249fb40ebaba3~mv2
  • Plan ahead- If the next Comic Con you are attending is out of town make sure you plan and get your tickets and hotels with time. The farther away you book the cheaper it is. Check special deals online to save money!
    • If you are going to Las Vegas Comic Con coming up make sure to check out Las Vegas travel deals for the best flight and hotel packages!
  • Don’t- forget your camera. There is so much to take pics of at conventions and if you are like me and love taking pics of all the amazing cosplay and panels you don’t want to forget your camera. Remember to make sure you delete old pics and create space on your phone. Extra battery packs are also essential for your phone to handle the whole day!
  • Bring snacks & water Food at conventions tend to be expensive, plus its better to save and spend that money at the exhibition hall, and not on food. So get some snacks, maybe some granola bars sandwiches, candy and WATER!
  • Don’t- forget makeup and extra safety pins! Comic Cons tend to run the whole day and sometimes we need a little retouch (specially, before a photo op). You always want to look your best because you never know who you will meet! And Cosplayers,  safety pins will be your best friend, for those moments that the cosplay doesn’t cooperate.
  • Business cards- If you are a blogger, cosplayer, or have a business make sure to bring your business with you. Comic Con conventions are great places for networking so don’t let the opportunity pass!
  • Poster tube- If you are like me and one of the reasons why you go to conventions is to buy wall art and meet celebrities and crushes at photo ops, I recommend bringing a poster tube so it’s easier to carry all your amazing wall art and photos (which let’s be real are not cheap!)
  • HAVE FUN & BE RESPECTFUL!-  Last and most important, remember everyone is there to have fun and geek out about their favorite fandom, so be respectful, ask politely for a picture and don’t be afraid to compliment! And HAVE FUN!! Enjoy all of the activities, panels, and don’t be shy to Geek Out!!!


Outfit Ideas

If you are going to a Con and not cosplaying that does not mean you can’t have fun and show off your Geek Pride! Here are some tips for your essential Con Outfits!

  • Comfy Shoes- are a must! You wanna be comfortable because at conventions you spend your day walking, standing in lines or exploring panels. If you wanna see how much you walk a day, next time that you go to a Comic Con and you have a smart watch or a Fitbit check out how many steps you did a day. It will surprise you!
  • Every day Cosplay- There are so many ways you can show your geekiness and one of them is by showing it through fashion, and it could be as simple as a geeky shirt or even throw a simple cosplay with what you already have at home.


Skirt: TeeFury [Sold Out] (Similar)

Lightsaber: Ultrasabers

Armor: Amazon

Shirt: Geek Girl Gang

Shirt: Forever 21 [Sold Out]

–May The Force Be With You —

May the 4th Be With You!


May 4th has become a universal Holiday and let’s be honest it’s one of our favorites!! A whole day where we get to watch marathons, buy exclusive toys, almost everyone wears Star Wars shirts and we have special events, AMAZING! Unfortunately, this May 4th I got sick and wasn’t able to go celebrate 😦 .. At least I was able to celebrate at work wearing Star Wars gear and talking Star Wars with the kids!


Jacket: Her Universe
Shirt: Forever 21 (Similar)
Shorts: Pacsun

So for this post I wanted to share some of my latest obsessions…

May’s Holocron’s Finds!

  1. Her Universe Jacket:  I’ve been obsessed with this jacket ever since Ashley Eckstein first posted about it on Instagram! Her whole Geeky fashion line is amazing and I wish I could have it all!! She really has done amazing outfits for us Geeky Girls! I’ve been having fun putting some patches and pins in this jacket and it was perfect for Star Wars Celebration last month! 
  2. Ahsoka Print:  Last month at Star Wars Celebration I got to pick up this beautiful Ahsoka artwork by Danny Haas! Ahsoka is one of my favorite characters and when this print went for pre-sale I had to get it! It shows the older version of Ahsoka Tano with Anakin and Vader on the back! It’s really beautiful! IMG_3920 2

3. Ahsoka Itty Bitty & Book:  I must be honest I finished the Ahsoka book a while back but it is SOOOO GOOOD I needed to share! I loved her story in this book and how she got her white sabers was one of my favorite parts in the book! I was fortunate to go to the book tour E.K Johnston and Ahsley had at Disney Springs a couple of months ago and it was great to see how they took time to talk to everyone in line and take pictures! They are beautiful warrior women! Then I had the privilege (and one of my favorite moments in my life) to open up for E.K Johnston in her book fair appearance in Miami, doing a lightsaber choreography as “Ahsoka”. It was a total surprise for her, she loved it, and it was an amazing experience which I will cherish forever! Thank You E.K! Also, this May 4th, the Ahsoka Itty Bitty was released and I am excited that is now part of my collection!!!

4. La Barbuda: So I got introduced to this shop a few months ago by a friend and now I love it!! Her patches, shirts, pins and prints are phenomenal!! She has her own unique twist and they are super rad! I can’t wait to wear my shirt tonight and take lots of pics! Plus I finally found a Darth Vader patch I love and it’s going right now on my Her Universe jacket! Check her out at La Barbuda ! (Excuse Rey -my pup in the background) IMG_0733

5. Star Wars Trivial Pursuit: Last thing for today.. I am obsessed with board games and love doing Game Nights! When I saw they came out with a Trivial Pursuit Black Series for Star Wars I had to get it! Its so much fun! I tried it out with some family and friends and the questions go from super easy to super hard but it’s really fun! And yes, its doable! I had some friends be scared because some Trivial Pursuit games are intense but this has something for everyone!! Invite friends over, get some Star Wars inspired snacks and drinks and have a good time!! They sell it pretty much everywhere! I had a Barnes & Nobles gift card and bought it!


SWCO Day 3 & 4

So to continue and finish my post about Star Wars Celebration Orlando here are my highlights for Saturday and Sunday.

Things were more organized Saturday and Sunday and less crazy (or maybe I just got used to it ..) We got up at 4:00am to make it in line for Rebels and I was so excited to make it to the live panel!


67217f373f04c8741b1c1aad83cdf67f STAR WARS REBELS PANEL-  I was super excited that I made it to the live panel! I got to see my favorite, DAVE FILONI!!! He is such an amazing guy!! Plus he was wearing a shirt that said “Ahsoka Lives?” The panel was hosted by one of my favorite geeks Amy Ratcliffe. She was joined by the Rebels cast which included Tiya Sircar (Sabine), Freddie Prinze Jr. (Kanan), Vanessa Marshall (Hera), Taylor Gray (Ezra) and Steve Blum (Zeb). The panel was fun and at the same time emotional, specially hearing Dave Filoni mention it was the last season of Rebels 😦 (All the Feels!!!!!). IMG_9755_glowingsaber

67217f373f04c8741b1c1aad83cdf67fMark Hamill- So in the middle of the Rebels panel I had to run because I needed to take my pic with Luke himself, Mark Hamill. My awesome friend was in line while I got to catch 3/4 of the Rebels. I’m not gonna lie I was a little sad that I missed the first episode of Season 4 and the talks about Ahsoka but I got to meet the MAN and that was just an unbelievable experience. He was super nice even though he had seen a ton of people and he was probably tired! Thank you Mark Hamill for making this experience and unforgettable one!

FullSizeRender 5

Jacket: Her Universe

Skirt: Out of Stock-TeeFury (Similar)

67217f373f04c8741b1c1aad83cdf67fAnthony Daniels & Cosplay  If you ever get the chance to go to an Anthony Daniels (C3PO) panel DO IT!! He is such an entertainer! His host was Warwick Davis which made it even better! They were an incredible duo!! Funny, energetic and really good sports! Plus Anthony Daniel looked so amazing in his super shiny gold jacket!

Last thing, Saturday people went all out with their cosplay! Kinda made me a little jealous that I wasn’t cosplaying my Ahsoka! I took a bunch of pics, here are some of my favorites! (A lot didn’t come out good so I couldn’t post them all)


16731aa0532dd1a9e0235ae8a6e0471bSHOPPING!! I finally had a day where I was able to explore the Exhibition Hall and shop for some Funko Pops, Legos, pins and other exclusives! I couldn’t go crazy and a lot of things were sold out but still had some good finds and was excited about it!

16731aa0532dd1a9e0235ae8a6e0471bI wore my Ahsoka Outfit!  I’m always excited to find Ahsoka outfits, I had this one for a while and was excited to finally wear it to a convention. Since I do SaberCombat at SaberCraft I try to look for activewear that is also Geeky of course and I always try to look for Ahsoka first! You will soon see she is my favorite!! I was excited about these leggings I found at RedBubble and have used them in different ways (Recycling outfits is the best)! I paired them with this cute shirt also from RedBubble. I also wore my jacket from HerUniverse with my collection of pins and patches! (the convention was so cold)IMG_9857

Ahsoka Shirt- RedBubble

Ahsoka Leggings- Out of Stock (Similar)

Shoes- Converse




SWCO Day 1 & 2


Now that Star Wars Celebration is over and I got the chance to breathe and sleep (those of you that went understand) I can look back and give you my Celebration Recap! I thought about doing a post for each day but I got there Thursday really early and really didn’t get back to my hotel till Friday night so that will go to show you that it was really a long two days combined instead of one.

I got to Orlando Thursday at 9:30am and went straight to the convention.. It was crazy to see that there was a huge line even though this was apparently the biggest convention center in the U.S. It was really really hot!!! The wait was about two hours!! It seemed a bit disorganized. It really wasn’t the best part …but then.. I went in!!!!

I had a moment!! I had never seen so much Star Wars in my life! I mean I read about it, I watch movies, cartoons, read comics and go to conventions, but nothing prepared me for that moment!! I had a Star Wars overload and it was SURREAL!!

My Top Highlights from Days 1 & 2 are:

16731aa0532dd1a9e0235ae8a6e0471b The 40th Anniversary Panel: Even though I didn’t make it to the live panel, this panel was beautiful! Seeing George Lucas talk about his art is always so inspiring and amazing! Plus, Harrison Ford and that ending by John Williams was everything!! All the Feels!

16731aa0532dd1a9e0235ae8a6e0471bThe Star Wars Love! – Yes, I loved seeing so many people being so happy and sharing their love for Star Wars in such unique and positive ways! I loved seeing kids in adorable cosplays, adults in awesome cosplays, people talking to each other about their favorite Star War scene etc! I really love how Star Wars is more than just movies, shows, and comics, it really is an amazing community with great fans! I got to meet people that I follow on Instagram and others that I didn’t even know that I now can keep in contact with and have cool Star Wars conversations!!

16731aa0532dd1a9e0235ae8a6e0471bRian Johnson & The Last Jedi Panel: Of course this was one of my  favorite highlights! The panel was incredible! The sleepover not so much but it was an amazing experience! At 12:00am Rian Johnson (director of The Last Jedi) showed up!! It was incredible to see how he took time and said hi to everyone and take pictures with them! He was there till 3 am! Super nice and humble person that really shows love to his fans!  We got our badge sign plus a pic! It really made the sleepover worth it! Next, was the panel! Even though I hate watching trailers and usually don’t watch any trailers at all, I couldn’t resist and watched this one! There is so much to talk about (maybe one post just for this) . The poster is incredible! I loved the old school feel about it and how the lightsaber is going down the middle separating Luke and Kyo (master and apprentice?) . 97ba65c55f4c7b015e5e67b0033d4a8c

So knowing that Celebration was going to be crazy, I decided not to cosplay. I planned ahead some of my favorite Star Wars outfits and was happy to be comfortable but still rocking some Star Wars swag.

For Thursday I really don’t have many pictures. Like I said, it was just crazy getting there, being in line, going out to get a bite to then go back at 8:00pm to sleep over and stay the night to get in line for The Last Jedi panel. I decided to wear something comfy and vintage since Thursday was all about the 40 years of Star Wars.



T-shirt: Forever 21 (Similar)

For Friday I went Rogue ! My hubby got me this shirt like two years ago and is one of my go-to shirts when I need to put a quick Star Wars outfit together!


T-Shirt: gift from hubby (Similar)




What were your thoughts on SWCO??



Photos taken by:


Geeky Fashion / Cosplay


Now that Star Wars Celebration Orlando is over I can finally start publishing what I’ve been working on for the last month!! I will be posting my SWCO thoughts and outfits but first I’ll start off with my last Geek Girl Brunch Miami event. I was no other than Princess Leia!

First of all, if you are a geeky girl as myself and like brunching and getting together with other Geeky Girls you should definitely check out GeekGirlBrunch. It’s an awesome community where girls get together once or twice a month to enjoy mimosas, yummy food and talk all things geek. It really can’t get better than that.. Oh wait it does!! We have themes for all our brunches and girls go all out with their outfits! It’s really the best!! I’ve been a member for more than a year now and it has been so much fun!! I’ve met girls that I now call friends, go to awesome events , and it lead me to my amazing SaberCraft group! I will explain that in another post!

So back to my post! My last Geek Girl Brunch event had a Disney Princess theme so of course I had to go with no other princess than my favorite princess of all PRINCESS LEIA!! I wanted to take advantage and pay tribute to Carrie Fisher! I’m still so heartbroken she is not with us! I was hoping to meet her at Star Wars Celebration 😦 .

I thought about wearing the long white dress with the hoodie but I wanted to go with more of a chic look. I’ve had this cute white dress for a couple of years now and it’s been my official chic Leia dress. I paired it with my combat boots, a temporary tattoo from Tattify and of course my lightsaber!! The necessary accessories for a badass princess such as Leia! Here are some pics from the awesome Disney Princess Brunch by GeekGirlBrunchMiami ..

Ana Leia Ig_edit 2

Dress: Similar ,

Combat Boots: Steve Madden , Similar

Temporary Tattoo (Storm Trooper) : Tattify

Lightsaber: Ultrasabers

Accessories: Fandom of the Month Club

Beautiful Princess Leia Remembrance Patch: Distributed and Fundraised by Jason Poulin and John Fuqua

Art by MissMuggle